Very disappointed in Dorothy Perkins and New Look…

Me and mum decided to pop out and do a bit of Christmas shopping this evening as the shops in our local mall have started staying open until 10pm yay! This is perfect as I can get all of my work done during the day and head out early evening.

We got kind of sidetracked with the clothes shops, as I wanted to take a look at the new Kardashian collection in Dorothy Perkins. I’d seen it advertised online and it has only just launched here exclusively so into Dorothy Perkins we went… Admittedly, I don’t watch any of the TV programs associated with the Kardashian sisters, but I know what they look like. Kim Kardashian is said to be a UK Size 8 (I do question this myself, as she has a very curvy bum), and Khloe Kardashian is meant to be a size 10/12… and both girls promote healthier curvier bodies so imagine my shock when on all of the racks in Dorothy Perkins there was hardly anything in a size 14 or 16 and nothing above a 16. I thought it was maybe just where the line had been so popular so I vowed to myself that I would check on their website when I got home as I quite liked one or two of the new 2012 Kardashian line, one dress and a pencil skirt. 

So fast forward to now, and sitting here on the Dorothy Perkins website. The Kardashian clothing line doesn’t actually do anything above a size 16 !! Now I’m highly disappointed in Dorothy Perkins for this because I shop there quite often with their in store dress sizes allowing size 18 and 20. But I’ve noticed a trend this evening because it appears that all of the UK high street chains who are offering celebrity endorced clothing lines are following suit – Kelly Brook at New Look is another. Again, some really cute pieces, I loved this gorgeous red bodycon dress with a black mesh shoulder, and a cute bow blouse. Neither available in anything above a size 16. In fact, I couldn’t find anything higher than 14. Now come on Dorothy Perkins and New Look, what were you thinking? Us curvier girls do like to wear fashionable, sexy clothes too you know! Maybe not Bodycon in my circumstances with all my lumps and bumps, but I know plenty of bigger girls who have perfectly toned hourglass figures and would look absolutely gorgeous in any of these designer lines.

Rant over. Saying that, today’s shopping trip wasn’t all bad. I picked up a very sexy and warm (highly important at the moment!) faux fur jacket and a light peach/beige blouse with a black embellished collar. Very in at the moment.