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OOTD: Spring Has Sprung!

The weather here in the UK has been pretty random over the last month with plenty of rain, flooding and dark grey skies.  This morning when I woke up, the sunshine was blaring through my window which was an extremely welcome sight.  I decided to wear something that was made of thinner fabric as it looked really warm outside.

Today's outfit of the day mainly consists of New Look.  I am a fan of their bodycon dresses because they are so reasonably priced.  This floral print bodycon dress is a beautiful colour - mainly based on a darker background with peach, pink and grey flowers. It's bang on trend for Spring and I absolutely love this colour combo!   At a price tag of £9.99 you really can't go wrong can you!

With my bodycon dress, I am wearing a pink mohair jacket. This too is from New Look and when I saw it the first time I absolutely fell in love.  I think it works really well with these types of dresses because it can keep you slightly warmer until it really warms up this summer.  This jacket also comes in two other colours, a mint green which I also adore and a cream/beige colour.  The pink is very feminine and I love wearing it.  The shoes I am wearing are slightly off colour compared to the jacket, but they pick out the peach colour in the dress. 

Accessories wise, this outfit doesn't need many.  There's no point in bracelets unless you plan to take off the jacket so I kept it simple.  This gorgeous statement necklace is actually going to be part of my new jewellery boutique online!  Stay posted for further details but it is something I have been working on for a while and let's just say I am extremely excited about it.  Within my boutique I will have pieces that I have sourced but also handmade jewellery made by myself.  


Floral Bodycon Dress: New Look, £9.99, Size 16, Pink Mohair Textured Coat: New Look, £54.99, Size 16 (slightly too small), Heels: Select, Necklace: My new boutique COMING SOON!

My First V-Log - Simply Be Spring/Summer 2014 Review

Okay... here goes!  I was extremely nervous about filming my first ever V-log but I knew it was something that I wanted to overcome so for my first ever V-log, I review two of Simply Be's Spring/Summer collection: the floral print woven front sweater and the peplum hem textured skirt.

My First V-Log - Review of Simply Be Spring/Summer 2014 from Felicity Hart on Vimeo.

Along with the V-log, I have also taken a couple of photos to show how these items look as a complete outfit, and as you can see, they are really lovely! Thank you Simply Be! :) 

Floral Print Woven Front Sweater*: Simply Be, Size 18, £35.00 available in sizes 12 - 32
Jeans: Select, size 18, £18, Ankle Boots: Tesco

Peplum Hem Textured Skirt*: Simply Be, Size 18 - £25, available in sizes 12-  28 (up to 32 currently out of stock), Top: Wallis, Size 18, Cardigan: Wallis, Size 16, Bracelets: ASOS Curve*

Review of Taking Shape "Bloom" Tunic in Teal

The second item that I was sent to review for new UK brand, Taking Shape was the "Bloom" tunic, which is available in a deep red or teal colour in limited availability.  Teal is one of my favourite colours so I was really excited about trying it on.

Tunics are something that I have never really worn before so I was a little nervous about how it would look on and I must say that I still am not 100% convinced by wearing something that doesn't have any shape.  It is a completely different experience to my usual fitted skirts, tight dresses and jeans.

The size I am wearing is a medium, and in hindsight, this tunic was slightly too big for me and I think I could have got away with a small or an extra-small which is the size shown on the model on the Taking Shape website.  I quite like the length of the tunic in the bigger size because it looks more like a dress and I'm sure that with a big belt under my bust, I would feel a lot more comfortable and be able to wear it on a day out shopping or a nice lunch with the girls.

For the purpose of this review, I decided not to wear it with a belt, to get myself out of my comfort zone and into something different.  Apart from the sizing being very generous (I have recently lost a bit of weight before my wedding which probably made a difference), this tunic is really well made. It has a gorgeous material, which has a slightly sheer property to it in certain parts.  Because of the sheer pattern, I wore a black slip underneath it and black tights.  The tunic is retailed at £50, which when you consider it is more like a dress isn't too expensive. At the moment it is on offer on the Taking Shape website and in stores for just £19. 

My first experiences of Taking Shape have overall been really positive and the damask print trousers have become a staple part of my wardrobe.  I am excited to see what the Spring/Summer 2014 collection brings and I'm not giving up on tunics, just yet! :) 


Bloom Tunic: £50, currently reduced to £19, Taking Shape - Medium,
Tights: Marks and Spencer, Shoes: George @ Asda.

Our Engagement Photoshoot & Simply Be Rose Lace Print Dress!

Just after Christmas, a week before our wedding we took part in an engagement (pre wedding) photoshoot so that our wedding photographer, Charlie could get used to poses and the way which we work together in photos. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and even Mr FH enjoyed himself too!  We spent an afternoon in a relaxed sculpture garden and I spent ages planning what I was going to wear! I wanted something quite colourful to stand out against the dreary January weather so I decided to choose my Rose Lace Print dress from Simply Be.  I ordered this just before Christmas because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the website.  It has gorgeous sheer black lace arms and a beautiful red, cream and black rose pattern across the dress.  I ordered a size 18, however on reflection although the dress isn't stretchy I think a 16 would have been better because it's a little roomy and the lace arms aren't tight against my skin. On the day of the photoshoot, the sunshine glistened and we were very lucky to get some beautiful pictures.

The quality of the dress is outstanding and the length is a little more modest than some of my other dresses which made it a perfect choice for our engagement shoot.  This rose print dress is currently on offer on the Simply Be website for £31.50 which is very reasonable for such a stunning dress, however only limited sizes are left.  I am even tempted to order the size 16 and keep both!

I wore my dress with gorgeous red heels from New Look and a red coat which was also from New Look many years ago.  The coat is a little too small for me, but it looked lovely on even if I couldn't do it up!  My bracelets were also from New Look, and came in a set of 3. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking (and if anyone needs a wedding photographer, Charlie covers nationwide and also destination weddings, so if you need her details just ask me!)


Dress: Rose Lace Print Dress, Simply Be, Size 18, Currently £31.50.
Red Heels & Bracelets: New Look, Red Coat: New Look (size 12 - far too small!)

I would go as far as saying this is now my favourite dress. It makes you feel absolutely gorgeous and I hope you like a sneak peek of our engagement photos (wedding ones coming very soon!) Two thumbs up for Simply Be again! x

My Review of Taking Shape - Brocade Ponti Trousers

You've probably seen a lot of press regarding Taking Shape on other plus size fashion blogs and that's with good reason. Taking Shape are relatively new to the UK. They originally formed in Australia and aspire to be a plus size fashion brand for sizes 14 to 26.  I'd never heard of them before I noticed blog posts popping up over the Internet and then as luck would have it, Sarah got in contact with me to see if I knew about the brand and after a few emails back and forth, she offered me some items to review.  

After looking at the Taking Shape website, I noticed that a lot of the products were bright, bold prints with some gorgeous tunics and dresses along with more work suited trousers.  One of my immediate favourites was the Sugar Plum Velvet Coat and I'm sure you'll agree with me when you see it - it's so unique and looks extremely luxurious! 

 Sugar Plum Velvet Coat, Taking Shape, £125 in sizes 14 to 24.

I found it quite difficult to choose items to review due to many of the products I liked being out of stock in my size and there are a number of products that don't exactly match my usual style that I am comfortable with.  After browsing their website, I stumbled across some absolutely gorgeous trousers - Brocade Ponti Trousers.  I am a massive fan of the "Damask" print, which appears on my duvet covers and around my house in numerous places so when I saw these trousers I thought why not expand my love of this print to my clothing!  

Sarah kindly sent me a UK size 18 along with a tunic to review too which I did try on with the trousers but it was too long to wear together (my review of the tunic will come soon).  When my package arrived it was wrapped in a really lovely gym bag which had leaflets and a little catalogue explaining more about the brand.  It was a lovely surprise to receive just before Christmas Day and I tried everything on immediately - Now I'm going to let the photos do the talking...

Brocade Ponti Trousers: Taking Shape, £60 currently reduced to £35,
Snowflake Jumper: H&M, £14.99, Ankle Boots: Tesco, Bracelets: New Look

These trousers are very well made and feel lovely on. They have a slight stretch to them too and feel true to size.  Although you can't see the print very well on my photos, they have this gorgeous Damask print on them and I decided that due to the time of year and it being quite cold that I would team these trousers with a snowflake jumper which was from H&M.  Although this is quite a casual look for me, I think that the trousers and sequins on the snowflake jumper make it look a bit more luxurious and it's a look I will definitely wear out. 

I have bookmarked the Taking Shape website and although I can't justify spending £125 on a new coat at the moment with my wedding coming up, I will certainly be keeping an eye on it over the next few months! My experience of Taking Shape clothing so far has been great and it's always good to see a new plus size fashion brand that provides high quality and well made products that will last! 

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014...

2013 has been a really great year for me for many reasons including visiting my first plus size fashion convention (Plus North) in Manchester and meeting so many lovely people.  In 2013, my blog became "noticed" and I was fortunate to be contacted by PR companies to review plenty of gorgeous clothes and jewellery.

Mr FH and I travelled down to Southampton for a weekend away which proved rather eventful and we, of course booked our wedding date.  I have enjoyed 2013, without too much heartache and pain which has made a nice change for me with the few years before that (prior to 2010) being some of my lowest times with losing my dad to cancer and going through the physical and verbal abuse from my ex boyfriend and do you know what, I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be even better than 2013...

From the amazing start with our wedding coming up, we already have so many plans that we want to put in place.  For once, I want to completely let go of my weight issues.  Although I am embarking on "Simple Start" by Weight Watchers tomorrow, I don't want to tell myself that I am on a diet and that I can't eat certain things. This will set me up for failure so instead, I want to look at this "change" as a new lifestyle.  I am getting older and I don't want to get diabetes or heart problems so I am doing this for ME.  Not to look into the mirror and see a skinny person before me but to look after myself from the inside out and do everything in my power apart from sheer luck to stay healthy.  

Whether this works or not, I don't want to let it hang over my head and call myself a failure. I have yo-yo dieted so many times going from a size 12 up to a 22/24 and have stayed around the same weight now for years so even if I change my eating habits and stay the same weight, my body is clearly happy with the weight I am and I need to accept that.  No more poking my fat rolls while looking in the mirror or feeling extremely guilty if I eat that piece of chocolate. 2014 is going to be the year that I let go and start living.

Another reason for me wanting to get healthier is that by the end of 2014, I would quite like to be carrying a baby!  I don't know if we definitely will plan for this coming year or not, because it does depend on a lot of factors but hopefully, all things crossed we will have a baby in 2015.

Along with personal goals and plans set in place, we also want to share some experiences together and finally get our asses to Wembley to watch an American Football game.  We'd like to go on our first proper holiday together as a family and of course for our careers and my blog to take off even more than they already have.  

So, 2014...  you're nearly here... Let's start it with a bang!   Oh and by the way, stay posted for some outfit reviews coming your way very soon!