Goodbye 2013, hello 2014...

2013 has been a really great year for me for many reasons including visiting my first plus size fashion convention (Plus North) in Manchester and meeting so many lovely people.  In 2013, my blog became "noticed" and I was fortunate to be contacted by PR companies to review plenty of gorgeous clothes and jewellery.

Mr FH and I travelled down to Southampton for a weekend away which proved rather eventful and we, of course booked our wedding date.  I have enjoyed 2013, without too much heartache and pain which has made a nice change for me with the few years before that (prior to 2010) being some of my lowest times with losing my dad to cancer and going through the physical and verbal abuse from my ex boyfriend and do you know what, I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be even better than 2013...

From the amazing start with our wedding coming up, we already have so many plans that we want to put in place.  For once, I want to completely let go of my weight issues.  Although I am embarking on "Simple Start" by Weight Watchers tomorrow, I don't want to tell myself that I am on a diet and that I can't eat certain things. This will set me up for failure so instead, I want to look at this "change" as a new lifestyle.  I am getting older and I don't want to get diabetes or heart problems so I am doing this for ME.  Not to look into the mirror and see a skinny person before me but to look after myself from the inside out and do everything in my power apart from sheer luck to stay healthy.  

Whether this works or not, I don't want to let it hang over my head and call myself a failure. I have yo-yo dieted so many times going from a size 12 up to a 22/24 and have stayed around the same weight now for years so even if I change my eating habits and stay the same weight, my body is clearly happy with the weight I am and I need to accept that.  No more poking my fat rolls while looking in the mirror or feeling extremely guilty if I eat that piece of chocolate. 2014 is going to be the year that I let go and start living.

Another reason for me wanting to get healthier is that by the end of 2014, I would quite like to be carrying a baby!  I don't know if we definitely will plan for this coming year or not, because it does depend on a lot of factors but hopefully, all things crossed we will have a baby in 2015.

Along with personal goals and plans set in place, we also want to share some experiences together and finally get our asses to Wembley to watch an American Football game.  We'd like to go on our first proper holiday together as a family and of course for our careers and my blog to take off even more than they already have.  

So, 2014...  you're nearly here... Let's start it with a bang!   Oh and by the way, stay posted for some outfit reviews coming your way very soon!