Last Minute Christmas Present Buys: Perfume!

I have completely finished my Christmas shopping as I'm pretty organised when it comes to this time of year but I know many people, including Mr FH have in the past shopped for presents on Christmas Eve.  To me, that is just INSANE!  I can imagine them scrambling around trying really hard to find something and ending up buying the easiest thing to hand.  If I am wrong please let me know!

I thought it would be useful to write a blog post on women's perfume. Perfume is a very personal thing and due to our own natural scents it can smell completely different on two different people (as me and my mum found out in Boots the other week!)  The perfumes I have chosen to write about are relatively safe as they are quite sweet and gentle in fragrance.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
I used to have a house mate who wore nothing but Lola by Marc Jacobs and although I didn't mind the smell, she used to wear quite a lot of it and it became overpowering.  The reason I tested this perfume was actually because I liked the look of the bottle.  Marc Jacobs perfumes always have such unique, beautiful bottles!  I was pleasantly surprised by this perfume as it smelt natural and quite floral but it didn't overpower.  Whenever I try perfumes on, I tend to spray them on my wrist, and then walk about for an hour before seeing how the scent has settled.  The bottle is a gorgeous floral display of plastic daisies and looks much more expensive than it is. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has a massive YES from me and starts in price from £45 at various high street and online retailers. You can also buy gift sets in two sizes which feature body lotion and shower gel along with a bottle of perfume. This is on my Christmas wishlist!

Nina L'Eau by Nina Ricci
This perfume is the one that I have chosen to wear on my wedding day.  I stumbled across it completely by accident as I literally walked into a perfume shop and asked the assistant for gentle fragrances that would be suitable for a bride.  I have a tendency to be a bit trigger happy with my perfume so she recommended me a number of more subtle scents.  I've never smelt any of the Nina Ricci perfumes before but I was pleasantly surprised.  Nina L'Eau has a gentle, fresh smell about it with hints of grapefruit (believe me it smells better than it sounds!!) and it comes in a beautiful apple shaped bottle.  The good thing about this perfume is that you can buy a tiny bottle for approximately £20 to £24 so if you are on a budget, it is worth checking it out.  Again with this scent, it is very gentle and not overpowering.  

Miss Dior by Christian Dior
You surely must have seen the adverts with Natalie Portman on the television this Christmas?  I was really excited by this perfume and couldn't wait to give it a try.  The bottle and advert look so classy I thought that it would be perfect for my Christmas wishlist.  I was wrong.  Now, if your other half likes quite old fashioned, strong perfumes, this may work for her but for me it was far too smelly.  I can't imagine anyone young wearing this at all.  It's not cheap either at around £65 for a smaller bottle! :(

Purr by Katy Perry
Before you read the title and think, Felicity.. REALLY?  I wanted to try this perfume ever since I saw the bottle as the top is shaped like a CAT!!  I'm not a fan of Katy Perry so when I asked the male assistant in the perfume shop if they had the Katy Perry perfume with the cat bottle, he looked at me quite quizzical as I continued "I like the bottle and I've never smelt it before".  He sprayed it on my wrist and I was expecting quite an awful smell but after an hour or so walking around the shops, smelt my wrist and I was actually surprised by how "normal" this perfume smelt.  I would say that it has quite a young smell about it and reminds me somewhat of the impulse sprays that you can buy. It smells quite musky with toned of Jasmine.  This perfume is really reasonable and I've seen it on sale for less than £20 - however the price does reflect the quality and the smell doesn't last as long as more expensive perfumes.  If your partner is a crazy cat lady like me, she may love it!

As you can see, my first three picks look a lot more exquisite and if I had to choose just one, I would choose Daisy by Marc Jacobs...