Anyone want to help me make some decisions?

I'm terrible at making decisions.  If we eat out, I'll let someone else choose where.  If Mr FH and I are watching a film, I'll let him pick!  So imagine how difficult it is for me to order clothes online...

Generally, I do shop in actual stores because it means I get to try everything on in one go without having to worry about sizing issues or sending stuff back.  Recently I have been more interested in online shopping because of lack of time and also some of the ranges aren't available in stores and I live far away from some stores such as Simply Be, however I am going to make it my mission to get to one before the end of the year!

Anyway, I have found a bunch of dresses that I really like but I can't order them all as it will eat into the wedding fund, so I decided to make a post and see if anyone wants to get in touch with their opinions via comments, twitter or e-mail and help me choose which to order :)

First up, is Yours Clothing.  I've never ordered anything from here before but after reading the most recent post over at What Laura Loves, I too fell in love with the "Cream Bird Print Lace Trim Dress". Laura looks amazing in it!  This dress is £30 and the only drawback is that they are out of stock of 18's and a 20 may be too big... 

Next up, also on Yours Clothing is a beautiful floral hanky hem dress in black, red and beige.  I think this dress would be perfect for summer but also work in Autumn due to the gorgeous array of colours within its print.  This dress is low in stock in both an 18 and 20, so I need to act fast if I want to get it.  At £35, this is slightly more expensive than the previous one.

Heading over to Desire Clothing, another store I've never ordered from, I couldn't help but notice this peacock dress on sale at just £16.  Now, I absolutely love the peacock dress designed by Em over at Simply Be, but I don't think my shape would pull it off.  So this one (although fitted) would probably be better suited and it's in the sale, so can't really go wrong! The only thing with this dress is I am really nervous about which size I would need.

Now over to ASOS Curve where I am also a bit twitchy about their sizing.  First up, a couple of dresses from the Little Mistress Curve range (can I really justify more evening dresses and their prices when I have a wedding to save for?)... Both are bodycon dresses which immediately make me worry about shapewear but both are simply stunning on the model! 

Over at Simply Be there are loads of dresses that I love, so I have narrowed it down to the following although these don't have photos because the website ones are a bit lower quality... See why this is so difficult already? :) Maybe I should stick to the sales for now? HELP!! :)
I also love the Scarlett & Jo dresses I mentioned in an earlier post.  I would appreciate any opinions at all before my head explodes! 



  1. The one with the peacock design is beautiful! I would choose that one if I had to choose!

  2. I think the Little Mistress midi dress with floral panel.