Day Eighteen: The Blogger Challenge (A childhood memory)

Day Eighteen: The Blogger Challenge - A childhood memory - Tell a story from your childhood.

The story I've decided to tell from my childhood is from when I was 13 years old and my family all flew out to Mauritius where my sister got married.  For some reason this holiday sticks in my head with plenty of details.  My parents and I flew out separately to my sister and her husband to be.  I remember the flight being around 12 to 14 hours non stop and as a bad flier due to my ears feeling like they are going to explode when I am on a plane it was a complete nightmare journey.

Once we had arrived at the airport in Mauritius I couldn't hear a thing.  We got on the tiny minibus and headed to our hotel.  I'm not sure if it was the travelling, lack of hearing, heat or the bumpy Mauritian motorway but I threw up all over the lady sat in front of me. My mum helped me to clean myself and the minibus and I was stood on the side of the road in my knickers!  The driver went to a local house and got some bottled water for me.

We got to the hotel and I was feeling a lot better.  The reception served us with this amazing orange tropical juice. I have never tasted anything this good since. I must have drank 4 or 5 glasses of it! We were staying in a little thatched roof hut and what would have been my bedroom was tiny and filled with spiders!  I slept in the double bed with my mum while my dad slept on a sunlounger next to us!  Bless him.

I remember quite a bit about the holiday itself - we made friends with the locals and one older boy called Goose used to bring me seashells as presents. I think that it was because I was blonde -  I was a bit of a novelty to the locals.  My family even went for dinner at one of their houses and was served fish stew! Gross! I stayed back at the hotel for that!  We also made friends with some people staying at the hotel too. A lovely lady called Elsa and her friend were on holiday and Elsa tried to teach me how to swim.  As soon as we moved from the children's pool to the adult pool I paniced and that was the end of that! 

My sisters wedding was a very blustery day.  Everyone was trying to keep their hats on and their hair out of their mouths!  My sister looked amazing in a traditional white wedding dress and I was in a green bridesmaid dress which was absolutely baking in that weather!  Once the wedding had taken place near the sea, we walked into the hotel lobby.  I tripped up the stairs and felt really embarrassed!  I was wearing shoes that were too big for me and caught them on the bottom of my dress.  Some of the hotel guests joined in the reception party and it was a really great day.  We stayed in Mauritius for another week after the wedding then flew back home while my sister and her husband flew to the Seychelles for their honeymoon.  

Let's see what everyone else remembers...