I'm a RapidLash Tester...

Last week I noticed that RapidLash were looking for testers of their product.  I've never really tested beauty products before for fear of being allergic to them however when I saw this notice on twitter my interest was there straight away.  I have short eye lashes.  In fact, I'd go as far to say I have really short, stumpy eye lashes and no matter what mascara I use they never look any different.  I applied to be a RapidLash tester and was accepted!

My envelope arrived on Saturday and contained a little welcome note, a tube of RapidLash and a little booklet explaining what the product is all about.  RapidLash is a new eyelash enhancing serum that conditions your lashes making them look stronger, fuller and healthier.  So far so good. The application method is slightly different to how I imagined in that you need to apply a thin line of the serum at the base of the eyelash similar to how you'd apply liquid eye liner.  I am starting my trial tonight for 8 weeks and will post updates on how I am getting on.  

To begin, here is a shot of my terrible eyelashes in their current state:

Stay posted for the results! :)