Day Twenty-Four: The Blogger Challenge (Your top 3 worst traits)

Day Twenty-Four: The Blogger Challenge - Your top 3 worst traits...

I found this challenge really easy because I am well aware of most things that are annoying about myself.  The worst trait I have is interrupting people who are talking to me.  I do it all of the time to Mr FH and it REALLY irritates him,

Worrying is probably my second worst trait I have.  I'll panic about really trivial things like "What are we going to eat on the weekend?", what if scenarios that haven't even happened!  Sometimes they can be unrealistic things like "what if we go ice skating and someone skates over my fingers and chops them off"?".

Putting myself down is another bad thing that I do.  I am getting better at receiving compliments but I am constantly making comments like "My arms are looking really fat, my hair is thinner and my legs have more cellulite"  I think most women have days like this though no matter what size they are or what they look like...

I'm interested to see what everyone else has written for this challenge: