A review of lovedrobe (blue peacock print dress)

After the dilemma of what to order the other week, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy the "Lovedrobe Blue Peacock Print Dress".  I ordered from an online store called Desire Clothing as they had it in their sale at only £16, whereas at the time of buying, the Lovedrobe website had it at full price (it is now reduced to £28 on their site too).

My first experience with Desire Clothing was a positive one.  I decided to pay for next day delivery because it was only £1 more expensive than standard and I am impatient.  After placing the order on a thursday evening and not receiving any e-mail dispatch notes on friday I started to panic.  I checked their website terms and conditions and it stated that next day delivery only applies on orders from Monday to Thursday at 3pm so I thought I'd made a bit of a dumb blonde mistake.  I was wrong - the dress arrived on Saturday while I was at the beach.  So far so good for Desire Clothing.

I opened it up and it looked stunning. The colours are really vibrant and the peacock print is very quirky.  I even think the neckline is quite unusual too - Mr FH said it was very "me".  From looking at the dress it wasn't stretchy and looked quite small.  I had ordered a size 20 just in case however in hindsight I wish I had gone up a size again!  

While I was trying the dress on, I noticed that the zip was very temperamental.  It kept getting stuck on the blue banding stripe around the dress.  The dress isn't as well made as some of the brands I own however for £16 I would say that it was of a reasonable standard.  I would quite like to try some more of the lovedrobe products to see if the sizing does come up small and to test out the quality.  

This dress has a long zip up the back and also has a blue underskirt lining.  The underlining makes the dress feel quite luxurious.  I was right though - it came up very small.  I own a number of size 20 fitted dresses and this one highlights my stomach area quite a bit.  I didn't really want to waste money by sending it back and getting a bigger one so I decided to keep it (the spinner bike will be here soon and I'm hoping to lose a few pounds).   The only other point I'd like to point out is that I think this dress would crease quite easily as you will see from the photos.

Peacock Print Dress: Lovedrobe @ Desire Clothing, £16. Wedges: Internacionale

I decided to wear my Lovedrobe peacock print dress with some strappy wedges from Internationale.  I have no other shoes / accessories at the moment that will match this dress so my mum is currently on a mission to find some bracelets in new look (bless her!)

Overall, I am pleased with the dress itself.  I don't think I would have paid full price for it but for the sale price of either £16 or £28 I think it's worth it.  I am disappointed with the sizing and am hoping that my tummy area is just really bloated from this heatwave *fingers crossed*.