Day Nineteen: The Blogger Challenge (Five of your favourite blogs)

Day Nineteen: The Blogger Challenge - Five of your favourite blogs and what you love about them

I can't believe we are on day 19 of the blogger challenge and I haven't missed a single day - RESULT!  Now for today's challenge... I spend far too much time reading blogs - mainly plus size fashion but also some recipe / healthy versions of food blogs too to pick up tips for feeding the family :)  It was really hard to choose only 5 blogs to mention but here is my shortlist in no particular order...

1.  What Laura Loves
I've mentioned Laura's blog before but I'm going to again because her blog is one of the reasons I decided to start my own.  I think she has fantastic style and she has a love for dresses that I equally share.  Laura's blog also highlights beauty products as well as fashion so I think it's a winner.

2. The Ramblings of Mrs Bebe
I love reading Becky's blog - her outfit of the day posts are really inspiring and I have bought dresses based on her reviews / OOTD posts. I also find Becky's posts really entertaining and they keep me hooked (I haven't read through the whole blog yet but I am sure I will eventually get through her archives!)

3.  A Rose Like This
Rosie's blog is really cool - her fashion style is pretty retro which I love and her photos are always really clear.  I've been reading Rosie's blog for a while now and I find it really informative too :)

4. Danielle Vanier
I only recently discovered Danielle's blog but it's one I have been reading regularly.  She has some awesome clothes ( I want her wardrobe ha). Danielle's blog is more photo orientated than text, but her photos are really inspiring :)

5.  Fuller Figure Fuller Bust
I absolutely love George's blog - she has a figure I would love!  Really cool dress sense and her posts are always really great.  George reviews a lot of outfits and also underwear which doesn't really apply to me because I'm not that lucky up front! I like George's blog because it's full of personality and her style is awesome.

I wonder who everyone else has chosen for their favourite five blogs?

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  1. Thank you so much for including me on here :) xxx