Day Twenty-Three: The Blogger Challenge (Things you have learnt that school won't teach you)

Day Twenty-Three: The Blogger Challenge - Things you've learnt that school won't teach you.

I'd have to say money management for this challenge.  I'm not sure if every child is the same as I was but when I was at school I had no concept of how much things cost.  I knew my parents paid for the house each month but it wasn't until I moved out when I was 19 that I found out how much things add up!  Mortgage / rent, electricity, council tax, phone, broadband, food... I couldn't believe how much I had to spend on basics each month for a one bedroom flat! 

It's amazing how quickly you grasp how to handle money though, making sure the important bills are paid first, then putting money aside for emergencies such as MOT Failure, or luxuries like a holiday.  I was always super careful with my money until the blip of my ex came along but now I am back into the safer me, the one that always plans ahead and although I do treat myself to too many clothes and my family to meals out I am always concious of the dates the direct debits come out! :)

I wonder what everyone else has written about today: