Day One: The 30 Day Blogger Challenge (The Story of Your Life)

Day one of the 30 day blogger challenge is here - The story of your life in around 250 words...

As a little girl I was, well let's just say... not the prettiest of things. I remember being bullied rather a lot for having bad teeth (think Bugs Bunny!) and being fat. At the time it was horrible but rather than making me dread school, it made me determined to succeed.

I was bullied the whole way through primary and secondary, I remember having a crush on one of the 'popular' boys and basically being laughed at. Despite all this I made it through and went on to University to study Computer Science (GEEK!). I moved away to go to Uni and it was nice to see a bit of the world and meet new people. It was while I was away that I started to become more interested in fashion and I started to become more comfortable with how I look.

After finishing Uni I moved back to my home town and couldn't believe it when comments started to appear on Facebook about “how good I look” and “would I like to go for a drink?”, often from the same people who'd bullied me so much at school. I know this makes me sound cocky but it was so good to kind of put two fingers up to them (can I say that?!).

Anyway about 3 years ago, after a few failed relationships, I met Mr F.H and I have never been happier! We're engaged and hopefully getting married next year! I am excited looking forward to my future and waiting to see what it will bring...


  1. I'm sorry to read about the bullying, I've been there sounds a lot like my school experience. Best of luck for the future x

  2. Kids can be so cruel. You are beautiful. Great post xx

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Bullies are usually the ones who are most insecure about themselves and so lash out at others. xx

  4. Children can be so nasty to other children, but I think it says a lot about those of us who have become better people because of it! I hope the wedding planning is going well - I loved it! You'll be a beautiful bride. x