Astrid & Miyu - Statement jewellery with style!

I was first introduced to Astrid & Miyu on twitter from a re-tweet and as an inquisitive person I wanted to find out more.  Astrid & Miyu are an online jewellery brand founded by creative professionals Connie and Jenny.  

From a first glance at their online store, their jewellery style is varied and unusual featuring statement pieces such as cocktail rings and friendship bracelets which are very on trend at the moment (re-living my teenage years!).  Two of their collections particularly caught my eye: evil eye jewellery and their collection of beautiful statement necklaces.

Evil eye jewellery isn't a new concept for me as I first discovered it in Cyprus on a family holiday in 2007.  Both myself and my sister bought an evil eye necklace each (I have no idea where mine has done now) and they featured a pretty sparkly eye with a tear drop dangling from one corner on silver chain.   The evil eye charm is a historic Mediterranean and middle-eastern tradition that protects against evil spirits and jealous onlookers.

The Astrid & Miyu Evil Eye Jewellery collection looks a lot more exquisite than my Cypriot version and a wide variety of jewellery in this style is available: earrings; bracelets and necklaces with ring versions coming soon.   I am particularly fond of the bracelets and necklaces and I think they would look equally fantastic with a casual look of jeans and t-shirt or a more dressy affair.  

Eye See You In Silver Bracelet, £54 @ Astrid & Miyu


Eye See You In Gold Necklace, £59 @ Astrid & Miyu

I am a big fan of statement necklaces, much to Mr FH's dismay! He is a fan of more delicate jewellery whereas I like both styles depending on what I am wearing. Astrid & Miyu's statement necklace collection is simply outstanding.  With a variety of on trend colours for this current season and price tags to suit any budget, I was very impressed with what was on offer on their website.  There are a variety of styles including big chunky chain style necklaces and neon beaded versions too ranging upwards from £29.

Various Statement Necklaces available @ Astrid & Miyu

My favourite in this collection is the Vibrant Sunshine in Coral Necklace.  I think the colours are very suited to the current clothes that are available in store and that it would really stand out on a simple dress to make it much more noticable.  Made from chunky chain with geometrically cut resin stones and at a price tag of £39, I think this is very reasonable for a piece of special occasion jewellery.  

Astrid & Miyu have already been featured in many of our UK and international publications and I think it's only onwards and upwards for this unique jewellery brand!