Day Twenty-Two: The Blogger Challenge (Rant about something)

Day Twenty-Two: The Blogger Challenge - Rant about something

I enjoy a good rant now and then and there are plenty of things that "grind my gears" but I am going to share with you something that I found downright rude while eating out a couple of months ago.

Now I am all for technology, don't get me wrong. I'm a self confessed computer geek while Mr FH is more of a science nerd.  I understand the importance of introducing children to technology and we regularly help my step son on his little Vtech laptop and have shown him how to use a mouse/keyboard etc ready for school.  My bug bear is when older children (from say the age of 9 or 10 up to teenagers) have absolutely no respect whatsoever.

Recently, Mr FH, my mum and I were eating out.  We sat down and ordered our food when this family came in.  From a distance it looked like a mum, younger teenage boy, his gran (possibly).  They sat down at a table in my eyeline and immediately the boy took out an ipad and sat with it playing games and watching films right at the dinner table!  I was so shocked! I thought it was incredibly rude that he hadn't even talked to his gran/mum/family and that he was sat the whole time playing on his ipad.  I am a people watcher (which is probably annoying to other people!) and mentioned it to Mr FH about if my step son ever did that he'd have it confiscated! I know family meals can be boring, hey I was a child once but please let's have a bit of interaction at the dinner table!!