Day Fifteen: The Blogger Challenge (A day in the life...)

Day Fifteen: The Blogger Challenge (A day in the life...) Photos from a typical day.

This blog challenge will be updated throughout the day.  I was going to plan it and have it all ready but I decided that it would be quite challenging to do it live!  So it may be a little boring as my weekends are generally much more fun but here is a typical day in the life of Felicity Hart!

On weekdays I wake up around 8 / 8:30am - I do the normal things, shower, cleanse, tone and moisturise and give Mr FH and furry FH lots of cuddles.

Before the makeup gets applied!! Eek! But isn't Furry FH a little poser! x

Next it's breakfast. Working from home means that I don't necessarily have to get dressed or put my makeup on yet (one plus side!).  Normally, breakfast is cereal or toast with milk. 

This morning, I fancied peanut butter on toast with a glass of milk :) Furry FH had felix!

I get settled into my workspace and check up on blogs and twitter (using tweetdeck) before I eventually get some work done!

My messy workspace!

Today, I have a review planned on a new dress I recently bought, the peacock lovedrobe dress from Desire Clothing, so while I work, I also get ready at my desk.  Every girls needs her hair and makeup done! 

 Hair straightened (yet remains frizzy from the heat!) and makeup done...  

After lots of work, it's lunch time and today it's an egg and bacon sandwich.  So unhealthy I know! This is why Mr FH and I have just ordered a spinner bike... god help me! It took ages to decide what bike to get and we've gone halves on it :) ...

Now onto more work.  My weekdays are so boring! I attempted to take photos for my review of my peacock lovedrobe dress and the lighting was all over exposed so need to do them again later.

Mr FH decided to treat me to curry night at Wetherspoons, so off we went and I had the chicken tikka masala.  I must admit, I'm not that keen on curry anymore lol but this was okay and it was nice to be in an air conditioned room! Normally we cook together - I prepare it all and he cooks it...

After curry night, we went for a lovely little walk around our local town hand in hand.  We don't get to do this often enough.  

When we got home, I remembered about needing to do more photos for my review of the peacock dress so we nipped into the back garden and took a few of those after a quick outfit change from my maxi dress I wore for dinner.  I look exhausted and my hair hates this weather...

Review to come later...

I am currently doing a bit more work (quite busy at the moment), writing my blog review post and then it will be eastenders on iplayer and we are also going to try and watch the first episode of the walking dead.  We are both quite critical of series so we may not watch any more after! 

After another shower, it will be more cuddles with furry FH (he follows me around the house) and snuggling in bed before we repeat it all tomorrow.

Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies taking part in this challenge. I'm excited about this one!