Day Seven: The Blogger Challenge - The thing(s) you are most afraid of

Day Seven: The thing(s) you are most afraid of

I'm going to dig deep here and get quite personal.  This is a difficult one for me to admit to but I am scared of losing people.  I wouldn't say I was a dependent person but I love where my life is at the moment and I wouldn't want to lose anyone who is in it.

I've also had issues when relationships have ended, even though it was clear and I knew deep down that I would be better off without them!  

Other things I am afraid of include: going down steep banks, spider, the thought of being burgled, house fires (as in accidental!), hospitals, public speaking, swimming (I can't!) and the sea.

I am really interested to find out what my fellow challengers are afraid of... check out their websites to find out more...