Day Twelve: The Blogger Challenge (What / who do you miss?)

Day Twelve: The Blogger Challenge - What / who do you miss?

This answer is a no brainer.  I miss my Dad.

My Dad was a lot older than my mum when they got together: they had a whirlwind romance and were married within months.  My Dad had a teenage daughter from his first marriage so when I was born my Dad was already in his 50's.

I don't have massively vivid memories of my childhood but I do remember sitting with my Dad and watching every single match of football with him on the TV.  That's probably why I can't stand football these days! (Sorry Dad!)

When I was a teenager, Dad would come out with random shopping trips. "Do you want a printer?" off the family would go and he would impulse buy.  I wasn't a spoilt child and it wasn't a regular occurance but it was so random!   In my early twenties when I had moved out and was at University, I came home for the holidays and my parents went to buy a new iron - Dad came back with a plasma screen TV!  My parents never had a massive amount of money and worked extremely hard to provide for the family on opposite 12 hour shifts.

My Dad was hardworking and caring and would do anything for his daughters and granddaughter (my niece).  

My dad became ill with bowel cancer and had an operation to remove part of his bowel but unfortunately it came back and spread elsewhere.  I remember when I found out that it had spread to his liver.  I was living away at the time, and collapsed in a pile in the floor.  I managed to move back and spend his last couple of years near my family.  

He sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2009 at the age of 78.

I think about my Dad a lot, nowadays happier thoughts - I was lucky to have him as long as I did but I am very sad that he isn't here to meet Mr FH, my step son, walk me down the aisle or meet any of my future children.  We are hoping to have a baby within a few years and they will never get the chance to meet him.

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  1. He sounds like he was an amazing dad I am so sorry that he is no longer with you xx