Style It My Way Challenge

The Style is My Way Challenge is currently on hold until after the wedding.  Will let you all know when it is resumed :)

Myself and a number of other girls have decided to come up with a new challenge now that the 30 day blogger challenge has come to a close.  For this challenge, however it is going to be open ended and completely revolving around fashion and beauty.

Each week, we are going to style an outfit based on a topic.  We wanted to leave it so that we can dip in and out of this challenge so that we didn't have to buy specific clothes if we didn't have any that suited a topic, so for that reason we aren't having our names on each post in case people don't post that week.  

We are looking for more girls to join in the fun - please e-mail me / tweet me to get involved.

The challenge is starting on Sunday 11th August and we have a week to complete each one if we desire.

The topics so far that have been chosen (more will be added at a later date)

Week 1 (week ending 18th August 2013): Maxi Dress / Skirt
Week 2 (week ending 25th August 2013): Outfit suitable for a wedding guest
Week 3 (week ending  1st September 2013): Denim
Week 4 (week ending 8th September 2013): Bodycon
Week 5 (week ending  15th September 2013): Aztec
Week 6 (week ending 22nd September 2013): Style a Spring/Summer outfit for Autumn
Week 7 (week ending 29th September 2013): Day to Night
Week 8: (week ending 6th October 2013): Mixed Prints
Week 9: (week ending 13th October 2013): Stripes
Week 10: (week ending 20th October 2013): Autumn Colours
Week 11: (week ending 27th October 2013): Preppy

Keep checking back for the new topics as we add them to the list and remember if you'd like to join in, you can at any time! :)


List of bloggers who are taking part include (please shout at me if your name isn't down!):

Becky -
Erin -
Felicity (me!) -
Hanane -
Natalie -
Nikki -


  1. fab idea! i am going to (try) and take part!x

  2. I would love to take part if that's ok, I am only on time for the last 2!

  3. Do you have an updated list of all the ladies participating? I try to include links to their blogs with each of my challenge posts and want to make sure I'm including everyone :)

  4. Anyone can join in :) More welcome... I will find out exactly who is doing it at the moment as I'm a little disorganised (oops) hehe... anyone can e-mail me though - details in the top right near my photo...