Plus Size Body Con!

I have a Christmas dress! Well technically I have two new Christmas dresses… Let me explain lol…

I left it a little late to purchase a dress to wear on Christmas day this year – as I mentioned in my earlier plus size partywear post it is a bit of a tradition for me to get a new outfit to dress up and celebrate the day. I ventured into New Look with my mum and most of the partywear dresses had been stuck on a sale rail with hardly anything left. I was so shocked and slightly worried that I may end up in Pyjamas this year at the dinner table… And as for sizes, there were plenty of size 6, 8 and 10 clothes – and plenty of 24, 26 in the Inspire range, but nothing in the middle.  

I was about to give up when I thought, stuff it, I’ll try on a bunch of dresses that are too big – I mean I’m never going to squeeze into a smaller size, but who knows what might happen with the bigger sizes especially when you take the fabric into consideration. I grabbed a size 26 (I am a UK size 18), black lace dress, one of those very on trend lace layered dresses with long sleeves and mum found a size 22 black and beige brocade triangle style dress which I wasn’t 100% sure about but thought what the heck!

Into the dressing room I go, and try on the first dress. The black lace number which I have been after for months. It just hung off me, no shape whatsoever because it was too big. I decided to take that off swiftly and try the next dress which to my suprise actually worked. I turned it back to front to give it a lower cleavage line as the back was a scoop neck, but the front was right up my shoulders. When worn back to front, it worked! I looked at the price tag, £28.99 and sighed a little because I thought it was maybe a bit silly paying for a dress that wasn’t really my size and not really what I had in mind. I took the plunge and took it to the till. The girl on the counter got the whole story about my partywear dress disaster and then asked me for £7. £7 !?!? Hang on a minute, I thought that dress was £28.99 ?? Turns out, it wasn’t marked in the sale but was supposed to be reduced so who was I to argue about that absolute bargain!

We then ventured into Outfit, which if you’ve never heard of it before is a retail park type shop with Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Warehouse, Topshop and Miss Selfridge in…. and there it was… a black lace overlay dress in a size 18. I HAD to try it on. I was so pleased with the look I asked the assistant if I could go and find my mother in the store (in the dress!) and she thought it looked fab too. It wasn’t my usual style and clung to every curve on my body but it looked sexy, yet elegant at the same time. I looked at the price tag. £45.99 – no way was I paying that when I knew there was some on eBay for half that price.  

I took a photo of the Wallis dress to show my fiance and was slightly deflated when I left but I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on myself on the run up to Christmas. A very similar dress was on ASOS and I had meant to order it a week ago – by the time I put it in my basket, my size was out of stock. I decided on Saturday night to have another look at ASOS Curve. I’ve never ordered from there before. Only accessories… and there it was. The exact dress, back in stock in the sale in a size 20. I took the plunge and bought it with next day delivery. It arrived this morning, and although it is different fabric to the Wallis one and a hell of a lot tighter, it looks fab!  

I’m very conscious of my lumps and bumps in it, but both my fiance and my mum think that it looks brilliant and for £24 to keep it. So now I just have to decide which one do I wear on Christmas day!?
Sorry for waffling guys! Just had to share that with you lol.