Well, Hello 2013...

I'm not one for setting new years resolutions as I generally don't stick to them and one of my pet hates is the influx of people who buy exercises DVDs / join gyms and then quit after a month as I have been there before too - such a waste of money!

This year, however I do have a number of things I want to achieve with my life and the things that I do...
  • I want to become a regular blogger.  I have in the past been guilty of leaving my blog for weeks without an update and that simply isn't good enough!  I also want to finally get some outfit of the day posts sorted.  The weather here is so dreary all the time and my home hasn't got enough space for indoor photographs so I'm a bit stumped if I am honest.
  • Healthy Eating!  I'm not so much as setting myself a diet plan, but I want to eat a lot healthier this year.  I have a complete chocolate and sweet addiction and I eat far too many snacks.  My main meals generally aren't that unhealthy with thanks to a fitness fiance, but my choice in snacks is appalling.  I'm not going to sit here and say I'll never eat a chocolate bar or piece of cake ever again as that's just not realistic.  I am going to cut down and try to replace my snacks with high protein type foods and fruit with the occasional naughty treat!
  • I want to achieve more this year business wise than I ever have.  I am self employed and I want to make sure that I hit a certain target for my business.  It's not just about money, however that does help a lot with bills etc getting higher all of the time.  I want to do it for self satisfaction and to be successful at what I do :)
 Anyway, enough seriousness!  If you're reading my blog right now, why don't you say hi! :) I'd love to know who is reading my little part of the Internet.