"Very" Spring / Summer Trends 2013

Finally!  Previews of the new Spring / Summer 2013 ranges are being released and I have to say I'm a little unsure about many of the trends for this upcoming season.  I do like a number of the designs but I'd go as far as saying that I probably don't like 75% of the trends.  I guess things will pan out a bit better when everyone releases their plans for Spring.  Until then i'm holding my judgement :)  I have had a look through the "Very" (very.co.uk) promotional shots for their new ranges, so I thought I would share some of them with you...

There seems to be plenty of floral print, lace, bright and bold leggings and tea dresses...
The only good thing is that we seem to be keeping the pastel colours which I absolutely love! Plus, we can recycle many of last years buys that didn't see much sunshine!  On a side note, although I'm meant to be on a no spending regime, I must have those purple floral jeggings!! 

All images courtesy of very.co.uk

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