On Trend: Spring 2013 - Cat Jumpers!

Would you believe it, I haven't bought a single item of clothing for the whole of January 2013.  How impressive is that? I have set myself a little challenge where I spend less money on things in general to try and save up for the future. Boring, but very essential.  Of course I'm not going to depraive myself completely and I do still have a £35 River Island voucher from Christmas to spend as soon as I get to the stores (which hopefully will be soon!)

Here in the UK the snow has finally decided to go away and stay away in my part of the country.  I love snow when I don't have to go out in it, but I also don't like feeling cold when I am outside and my collection of coats is looking rather worn out at the moment.  Now that Spring is on its way I am getting increasingly excited about the new trends and colours that will be appearing in the high street stores.  One trend I have noticed across a few online shops has been the "Cat Jumper".  Now I love jumpers in this sort of weather and I happen to love cats too, so this is a perfect trend for me.  I think my fiance might disagree and think that I'm some sort of crazy cat lady but who cares.  It's fashion, cute and warm and comfy!

There are so many "Cat Jumpers" to choose from that I have chosen my favourite few for you to take a look at and see if you fancy jumping on this Spring 2013 trend. Let me know what you think of this unusual fashion trend...

Grey Cat Print Knitted Jumper, New Look, Up to UK Size 18, £22.99

Stone Speckled Cat Print Jumper, New Look, Up to UK Size 18, £22.99 

ASOS Curve Exclusive Jumper With Black Cat, ASOS Curve, Up to UK Size 26, £30.00

 Cat Sweater, Next, Up to UK Size 22, £32.00