Recent purchases that will appear here soon :)

Hi everyone! I am so excited about a couple of recent purchases that I wanted to make a quick little blog post to show you them before I get to take pics in them.  My birthday is coming up next week so I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous high-low leopard print dress from Just Curvy.  The dress is with the AX Paris curve brand and is currently on sale with Just Curvy for £22.50 which in my opinion is a complete bargain for this dress.

The reason I decided to buy an animal print dress is due to trying one on in Select and it being a bit too figure hugging (they only went up to a size 16) but I liked the overall look of it and thought it would be great for daytime or evening wear depending on the accessories I wore with it.  That afternoon I trawled the online shops for another animal print dress that I liked, and that is when I stumbled across the AX Paris Curve version.

AX Paris Animal Print Flowing Chiffon Dress in Brown, Just Curvy - £22.50

It arrived yesterday while I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Coventry so I ended up trying it on at 2am in the morning when I got home! I was too excited to leave it until the morning.   As soon as I can, I will get some decent photos of me wearing it, although I haven't really got any accessories to go with it yet.  

The next purchase I'd like to share with you is a maxi dress from the Simply Be website.  It was on sale the day I ordered it and it's going to be my birthday present from my mum (she likes me to choose things so she knows I love it).  This dress hasn't arrived yet but it's expected any day now.  I first saw this Paisley Print maxi dress on a review by MrsBeBe where she absolutely rocked this dress and it looks stunning with the denim jacket she matched it with.  I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can try it on.  I'll try and get some high quality photos to go with this blog post.

Thirdly, this is kind of cheating, but I do tend to "borrow" clothes from my mum a lot.  My mum ordered herself the feather print maxi dress from Simply Be when she ordered mine - she is a similar size to me, just a different shape so if she keeps it, i'll be borrowing it! ha! :)  I know this will look great with thanks to the Maxi dress that Simply Be sent me to review.  It's identical apart from the print :)

What would you wear with these dresses?  I'd love to hear your views :) x