Oh what can I spend my River Island vouchers on?

I have just realised that I still have £35 worth of River Island vouchers in my handbag from Christmas...  I must admit it isn't easy shopping in River Island if you're plus size and curvy like me.  Some of their items do go up to a size 18, but they aren't very common in stores.  I have been lucky in the past with knitwear and some stretchy dresses but nothing has taken my fancy enough since January for me to spend my Christmas vouchers on.

I thought I would take a look at the River Island website and also their PR campaigns for Spring/Summer 2013 to try and get some ideas.  I'm reluctant to order online for fear of things not fitting so I am planning *fingers crossed* to head into the Cardiff branch in the beginning of June.  Another problem I have is that £35 won't get me far in store either - not like my bargain £12 dresses from Select that I picked up over the last few weeks!

The most logical place for me to start online is their dresses section.  Now the weather is getting warmer, I pretty much live in dresses.  There is only one problem - the only dresses that I really like the look of are the Forever Unique dresses which I think only go up to a size 16 and are all over £200!  The tropical maxi print dress looks absolutely stunning and I think would look really pretty with my blonde hair.  Although this dress doesn't come in a big enough size and is more than my quarterly phone and broadband bill I'd like to share it with you...

Okay, the River Island dresses are out for my vouchers (I hope they have new stock in the beginning of June!)  There is one skirt that I am particularly fond of on the hanger but that I don't think would suit me one bit and that is the "Cream Cat Print Belted Skirt" - I saw it a month or so ago in a local store and it has the same cat print as the blouse that I nearly bought near Christmas.  It's covered in little siamese looking cats just like my cat!  My fiance absolutely hates it but I'm tempted to try it on if it's in store.

Alternatively, there's always the jewellery and accessories section.  I'm not really one for a multitude of handbags but I absolutely love the River Island Jewellery.   It does seem a bit wasteful to spend a whole £35 on accessories though!  Does anyone have any suggestions or items they particularly like and think would suit a curvy frame? I'd love to hear from you!