Plus size summer 2013 dress picks from ASOS Curve

You wouldn't really think it was nearly summer here in my part of the UK.  Our weather is very changeable; one minute we have sunshine, the next rain showers.  Normally in summer I live in dresses.  I absolutely love them and my collection is ever growing!  Most of the dresses I own are just above the knee - plenty of floral prints, summer colours and a couple of nautical styles too which I'm sure will make an appearance as "Outfits of the Day" at some point soon...

I also have a couple of maxi dresses.  I have the gorgeous Simply Be one as mentioned in my previous post.  I can honestly say I think this is probably my favourite dress that I own now and it has made me want to order a bunch more from Simply Be!  Best wait until payday though.... lol :)

I decided to take a look at a few online stores which specialise in plus size / curvier girls to see what summer dresses they have on offer this year... Firstly, let's take a look at what ASOS Curve have to offer.  I've only bought one dress from them before - a slinky black lace number at Christmas time... so I still don't really know if their sizing is true to form or not.  I have to say I'm a little disappointed with their lack of Spring/Summer colours but I'd like to start my selection of summer dress picks with a pretty vintage floral style maxi dress. 

I really quite like this "Maxi dress in vintage floral print" because it has a very pretty print and has quite unusual colours.  The neckline is flattering with a slight plunge and although most of my dresses that I own have thin straps, I normally cover up my arms with a short cardigan anyway and this dress has slightly sheer short sleeves which I think would be perfect for covering up my wobbly arms!  At a price tag of £48, I do feel that it is possibly a bit expensive for me, but it's one to bookmark in case it comes up in the sale. It's available in sizes 20 - 26 UK, however the 20 is out of stock.  Boo!

Next up is a shorter dress from ASOS Curve (Bodycon Dress in Mirror Floral Print) which comes just to the knee.  I was a little unsure whether to include this one or not because even though I absolutely love it, I don't think I would be confident enough to wear a bodycon dress without some sort of floaty overlay layer.  Part of me really wants to order it to try it on though!  It's made from stretchy jersey fabric with a round neckline.  This one doesn't have any sleeves so it would definately be one for me to wear with a cardigan - I imagine a really bright pink, purple or yellow cardigan would look fantastic with this dress.  This dress is £45.00 and although again I think it's slightly expensive, to me it looks like you're getting a dress which looks better quality than the previous maxi dress from ASOS Curve.  A bonus to this dress is that it is available from a size 18 to 28 UK.  I'll be taking a look at other online stores offerings for Summer 2013 dresses over the coming weeks...