Rapidlash - Rapid Lash Tester - Two weeks in

As you already know I was selected to be a Rapid Lash tester and I was super excited to be involved since my eye lashes are short, stubby and fall out constantly.  The trial is for 8 weeks, but I want to give you all an update every 2 weeks to follow my journey.

I have been using RapidLash every night before bed for 14 nights - applying like a liquid eyeliner on my top lashes only.  The leaflet that came with the Rapid Lash tester did say that you can use it on your lower lashes but I was worried I might get it in my eyes so decided on the top ones only.

Since using RapidLash, I have noticed that my eyelashes aren't falling out all of the time.  They appear thicker, longer and much more noticable when I am wearing mascara.  To save you scrolling back through my archives, before I started trialling Rapid Lash, my eyelashes looked like this...

Although my eye lashes appear darker in the second picture (last nights mascara oops), you can still really notice a difference in the thickness of my lashes. It's not really until I have full mascara on that I notice the difference in length so I have done two shots...Now, two weeks later, my eye lashes look like this:

Without Mascara (maybe remnants of the night before eek!)

With Mascara (Really notice a difference in length!)

I can't wait to see what happens in the 6 weeks left of the trial!  I decided to do a bit of reading on Rapid Lash and couldn't believe that it is available in stores for £39.99 per tube!  I feel so lucky to be able to take part in this trial and from the results I have seen in 2 weeks, I will definitely be using it for a good few months before my wedding.