The new AX Paris collection at Simply Be

As a relatively new "wearer" of AX Paris, I am delighted that there is a new range of dresses available on the Simply Be website.  When I originally reviewed the AX Paris curve range on Simply Be I was extremely surprised by how lovely the clothes fitted and couldn't wait to make a purchase.  If you look back over my archives I ordered a leopard print high-low dress from an alternative online shop and again, the dress was simply divine.

When I noticed that Simply Be had a new range of dresses available for high Summer/Autumn I was eager to take a look into the new range, colours and styles available and here are some of my favourites that are on my wishlist...

First up there is a maxi dress and a short dress which is a very similar (if not the same) floral pattern.  I absolutely love both and can't choose which I like the best but based on the item I reviewed being a shorter dress,  I think I would stick with the shorter one as I know that it would suit me.

1) AX Paris Navy Floral Skater Dress, Simply Be, £32 in sizes 12 to 32.
2) AX Paris Navy Floral Maxi Dress, Simply Be, £38 in sizes 12 to 32.

The skater dress looks very similar in style to the light green floral dress I reviewed that you can see here.  If this is the case, I am extremely tempted by this dress - the print and colours are gorgeous and more suited for this time of year and it would work through Autumn.  

Next up are two lace dresses that have also caught my eye.  I'm a little less excited about these because one, I don't think peplum would suit my shape as much as I'd love to be able to pull off that look and secondly I'm nervous about the lace not being as bold and vibrant as the floral dresses.  My style is quite colourful so these two dresses are slightly less bold for my tastes, although they are very pretty...

3) AX Paris Lace Skater Dress, Simply Be, £40 in sizes 12 to 32. (26 is low stock)
4) AX Paris Lace Peplum Dress, Simply Be, £40 in sizes 12 to 32. (16, 18 and 20

If you've never tried the AX Paris brand at Simply Be, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The sizing was fantastic on the dresses I've tried so far and feels wonderful on.  Check out the whole collection here!



  1. Did you get either of the floral dresses? I have been wanting them. I can't decide which though! I think the skater one is more versatile though as it could be worn all year and the maxi only in summer. I would love to see a photo of you if you did buy it, to see the fit etc :)

  2. Hi Helen :)

    Not yet, but since I had to send the knee boots back that I ordered because they were too big, I think I am going to try the skater when I get to Manchester next weekend (if they have it.. and if they don't I'm going to order it)

    I agree that the Skater dress would be more versatile - and I think if it's anything like my green floral one you could dress it down and wear it for a day shopping or dress it up for things like weddings too...

    Will get pics! xx