Day Twenty-Nine: The Blogger Challenge (Five songs that bring back memories)

Day Twenty-Nine: The Blogger Challenge - Five songs that bring back memories...

Oooh this is a bit of a tough one because I'm terrible with remembering the names and artists of songs. Let's see what I can remember...

1.  Five - Keep on Moving
This song came on the radio on the way to work when I had my first proper job and I remember my friend and me dancing along to it in the car while someone else drove.  We must have looked like complete idiots!

2. Eagles - Hotel California
I remember this song was played while me and my family were on holiday in Mauritius and my brother in law burst into song along with it.  Was quite funny at the time as I was a teenager going through my embarrassed stage.

3.  Take That - Love Love
My step son absolutely adores this song and it is unfortunately one that is stuck in my head all of the time. Everytime he gets in the car he asks for it on. 

4.  Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
Oh my god! Mr FH and I went to see Bruce Springsteen in concert at the Coventry Ricoh arena and the atmosphere was amazing.  I have never been to such a fun gig! 

5.  I must admit I am completely stumped for the fifth song! There are bound to be many songs that bring back memories I just can't think of them :)