Day Thirty: The Blogger Challenge (A vivid memory)

Day Thirty: The Blogger Challenge - A vivid memory.

I have decided to replace day 30 with the day 31 (we had too many by accident) as I agreed with the other ladies that "react to the term letting go" was maybe a bit of a sad note to end this challenge on.  So for the final day of the challenge I will be recalling my first date with Mr FH.

Our first date was rather random.  Firstly we went to a coffee shop where I was sure that he didn't even like me!  I ordered for him at the counter which didn't go down too well - it turns out he was being sarcastic but obviously on a first date I didn't know his humour.  I also snorted when I laughed.  I can swear that I've never done that before that date, nor since so it must have been nerves!  I was MORTIFIED!

Once we'd finished our drinks (I don't even like coffee but didn't want to order anything like hot chocolate for fear of him thinking I was a fat cow) we didn't really know where to go so we came to the agreement to walk around Toys R Us!!!  We talked for quite a while as we walked around the store.  I knew he had a son but we both agreed that Toys R Us was no where near as much fun as when we were both children.

After our bizarre browsing experience, we sat in the park for hours chatting away and it's then when the nerves settled and we found out a lot about each other.  When the date had ended, we kissed but it was one of those awkward move in for the cheek or lips kisses.  

As far dates go, it was rather random but it clearly worked as we are still together (3 years today actually!) and we are planning our wedding! 

That's it!  The 30 day challenge is over... I hope you've found some of my posts interesting and I apologise for the really deep depressing ones!!