An unusual place for me to find shoes

As regular readers of my blog and twitter will know, last weekend I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my lovely Bridesmaid to be.  Now don't stop reading as this post isn't another boring wedding post...  It's all about SHOES!  We found ourselves in the usual places looking for that perfect dress when we stumbled into John Lewis.  I must admit I'm not a regular shopper of John Lewis apart from around Christmas time when they sell the most delicious gingerbread houses and Christmas treats but after looking online I thought we'd give them a go.

I found myself getting more and more distracted by the shoe section.  While my bridesmaid was looking for her dress, I still needed bridal shoes so left her to it while I ventured off in the direction of the shoe department.  This is where I stumbled across Kurt Geiger.  This is in all honesty not a brand I would have previously considered due to my bargain hunter instinct in me but I was really surprised by the different styles of high heeled shoes they had in store! I came away empty handed on the day but when I got back I thought I'd take a look at the John Lewis website and have a proper nosey with a cup of tea and my pyjamas in tow!

I am a little magpie when it comes to shoes and once I had settled myself into the website I came up with numerous pairs of shoes that I bookmarked for my wishlist.  You can never have too many shoes since your feet pretty much always stay the same size!  That's my theory anyway and I am sticking to it. I thought I would share with you my top picks of Kurt Geiger* shoes that I think would be equally as perfect for work wear or parties! (shove the bridal shoes!)

Kurt Geiger* Empire Court Shoes, £216.00, John Lewis

How could anyone resist these beauties?  With a massive heel and platform these are really glamorous.  When people mention John Lewis to me, I always think of older people but how wrong I am!  I can imagine wearing (teetering in) these with a pencil skirt and blouse.  These also come in black patent.

Kurt Geiger* New York Court Shoes, Currently reduced to £109.00, John Lewis

Speaking of glamorous... hello spike heels!   These shoes remind me of Sex and the City and with a pricetag of £109 in the sale, I am sorely tempted by them.  Being in black, these heels would go with anything and last forever so really it's an investment right?  That's what I'm telling myself anyway!

Kurt Geiger* Britton Court Shoes, £200, John Lewis

Finally, I couldn't resist showing you these gorgeous animal print court shoes. Again with a super spike heel, these beauties would look stunning with a little black dress.  They look seductive and although they are animal print, in my opinion they look really classy.  

Who says a bride needs white bridal shoes anyway? Imagine me rocking up in these animal print heels! I am so tempted!