The warped view we have of ourselves...

I was reading my daily dose of fashion blogs when I stumbled across Betty Pamper from Pamper and Curves most recent blog update - "Are you size wise".  I found this post very intriguing because it explained about a new tool that the brand Marisota had released to see the difference in what we think we are and what we really are.

I thought I would give this tool a go.  Before I started, I had to choose a body size that I thought best represented me.  Easy so far.   You aren't asked what "shape" you think you are, however for years I have assumed that I am an apple and at high risk of heart problems etc which if I'm honest has been worrying me...

Once I had clicked on the body size that I thought I was, the tool then asked me for my measurements.  I have these to hand as I have been measuring these for the last few months since I started spinning.  I don't mind sharing these with you - I am currently a 42, 37, 47.  My ass has actually come down from 50 inches since I started spinning.

Once the tool calculates your measurements, it then loads a screen which shows you what your actual size is compared to what you thought you were.  I over-estimated my size by 17.5%!!!  That is how warped my view of my own body is.... the one that I look at in the mirror daily.  Betty Pamper also over estimated the size she was too by over 22%.  I am prepared to bet that 85% of women would over estimate how big they think they are.  

This tool also told me that I am a pear shape.  I guess from looking at my measurements that does make sense but I have never considered myself as a pear.  I have chubby love handles and back fat and I've never really considered my ass to be that big before... up until now!

Why don't you have a go and see what you come up with by clicking here... I'd be interested to know your results!

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  1. I had a go and was way off it put me as an hour glass shape which is fine by me!!!! It does go to show how our own perception of our bodies is so out of kilter! xx