I've been a bit quiet this week..

Hi everyone :) I just want to apologise for being a little quiet this week.  After visiting wedding venues (well actually only one - we didn't see the point in visiting the others) we finally booked a wedding date!  Naturally I am extremely excited, but then it dawned on me that I have around 5 months to plan it!!!!!! Panic set in!  Okay so what do I have so far?

  • Dress  - Check... First thing I thought of to be honest!
  • Shoes  - Eeek no, but will be going to look for some in next few weeks
  • Tiara - Made one, but not 100% sure I want to wear it
  • Jewellery - Not really sorted yet.
  • Bridesmaid Dress - Not yet!
  • Flowers - Where do I start?
  • Photographer - Chosen one just need to pay her deposit
  • Groom's Suit - He can sort that one!
  • Ties to match bridesmaid dress - to do
  • Little suit for my stepson - waiting until December in case he grows
  • Wedding Rings - Not yet
  • Cake -  I know what I want, but I haven't asked around for prices yet
  • Registrar booked - Provisionally...
  • Menu for wedding breakfast - Chosen 3 choices
  • Wedding invitations - Thinking of making myself

I am sure I have forgotten something really important off this list... so if you notice anything, please let me know as I feel a little "all over the place" at the moment...   Anyway I just wanted to let you know normal service will resume asap and of course we have plus north next weekend I am really excited about that apart from the long drive!

Who'd like to see some of the inspiration I have found for my wedding?....


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  1. You sound amazingly well organised already, the other things to think about are presents for the bridesmaids etc and if you are thinking of having a colour theme, I did silver and cream which made life easy as I had cream roses and the table decorations were silver and cream and most of those came from Ebay!!!! xx