Update on the wedding plans...

I know that some of my regular readers are quite interested in how my wedding planning is going, so I thought I would post a little update on recent events.

Last weekend, not only did we manage to sort my bridesmaid's dress (it's going to be an Eggplant/Aubergine colour instead of Cadbury's purple, eek!) but on the Sunday me and my mum went to a wedding fayre.  We weren't really expecting much due to previous wedding fayre's being tiny and having hardly any exhibitors so imagine our surprise when we turned up just before it was due to open and there was a massive queue!  Outside were vintage wedding cars and even VW campervans that were available to hire.

We don't need any transport for our wedding as we are all staying in the hotel the night before, so we ventured inside as soon as the doors were opened.  The first so many brides were given a goody bag with various treats and there were numerous rooms with exhibits which were all really pretty.  In the first room there was a bridal store, photographer, cake maker and a table with a lady who made guest books and post boxes.  Mum picked up a glass of bucks fizz as we made our way into the second room where there was another photographer, florist and a rack of wedding dresses.  There were literally around 5 or 6 more rooms packed with tables!

Upstairs, there was a beauty salon offering free makeup and hair trials so I decided to queue and have mine done, especially since some places charge up to £60 just for a hair trial. I had my makeup done first and if I'm honest it wasn't really something I would want for my wedding.  I told the lady that I wanted dramatic eyes - covering my whole eyelids in black eyeshadow wasn't quite what I meant!  It was free, however so I didn't complain.  Next my hair was done.  The hairdresser curled my hair, then did some fancy thing where she pinned curls that were rolled onto the back of my head on the right hand side.  She also gave me a mini "beehive".  Once she had finished I wasn't quite sure I liked it, but as soon as I put on my tiara (I had taken it with me) I thought WOW! People in the room were taking photos which was a bit odd!  Unfortunately 30 minutes later all the curls had fallen out of the bits that were hanging down which sucks but I'm hoping that it was just because they were rushing free trials out.  I may book in for a proper hair trial with them one morning and see how long the curls last.

Also at the wedding fayre was a really lovely lady who had the most beautiful cakes and sample slices to try.  Like i'm going to turn that down!  We spoke to a few florists, other cake makers and the local bridal store where I bought my wedding dress from.  The people who run it are absolute gems and the owner even wants to take a look at some of my tiara designs!

So that was Sunday... In the week, Mr FH and I met a local photographer who was really friendly and a lot of fun. Before we went in I told Mr FH we weren't making a decision on the day but her style of photography and her manner sealed the deal there and then :) We're even getting an engagement shoot to see how we are in front of the camera together.

Thursday, mum and I went to meet with one of the florists we met at the wedding fayre.  I took along one of the cream birdcages I have bought for the centrepieces and we sat literally for hours discussing my vision and going over various flowers.  We also decided we wanted them to do our wedding flowers and ordered a bunch of things, all with cream, peach and pink roses, purple flowers (no idea what they were) and pink calla lillies.  From their sample bouquets that I held, it is going to be stunning and I can't wait!

Today we all popped to do a bit of shopping and I ended up buying a candleabra and a massive set of vintage looking letters that spelt "LOVE" for added venue decoration.

Vintage Style LOVE Letters, The Range, £14.99

So that's photographer and florist crossed off the list. Next to tackle is the cupcake tower, bridal shoes and faux fur wraps for myself and my bridesmaid... :)